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Ford Idiosyncrasies

Darkmonth 21, 2004

Running Notes

Jose Feliciano - in our bed?

Pass the Ibuprofen.

Bĕ'-bĕ-ka and “Chinese Wave”

Gift Ideas

The Judge and the Fossilman

"Bill's Beach Diet" Revisited

Peanut Butter and Lawyers

Performance Review Time

Lefse Links

Cough Up a Lung? Almost

Daily Dog Fix?

Is This a First?

Busy Day – Quick Links

Barbie Beauty Styler

You Know You're Old When . . .

Whoa - Honest Feedback!

Jesus on a Pole?


Good Morning

Rescue Heroes and Princesses

Can't Get Enough?

Beatles Discovery Day


Blue State Blues?

Back and Voting


A Little Friendly Competition

My Achin' Knees

Working "Under the Hood" - a Medical Update

Trick Dude

Next Year

Wrong - Not Cut-Out for Pre-School

Patterns: aa, bb

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho . . . .

Hobbled Runner Lives Up to Name

Triumphant Return of the Wife/Mom

Public Restrooms

Grand Rounds, and More

Reading at 40+

Noon Notes

Portion Size

Big Bird, Small Bird

Multi-task - kills neutrons?

Starbucks in Paris

Velvet Fog

Step Away from the Keyboard

Sappy, but . . .


Wake Up Time

Better Butter?

"Let Go Mister!"

Vacation and Lawn-mowers

The Magic Five

The World as He Sees It

Left Behind?

Solution to our Problems

Co Pay for Oil-Change?

Wished He Was a Unitarian?

Uff Da: MPR Buys WCAL

August Wind-Chill?

Beatles - Yes - Again!

They Still Are

We Like Our Fish With Poison

Cleaning House

Why I "Play" the Guitar

Aches and Pains - and Linking

Say It Ain't So

Abusing Time?

Archie Sucks?

Wither High School?

Poetry Anyone?

Sweating Shins

How it All Started


Doing Some George Work

Where Have All the Milers Gone?


Keeping Up With the Beatles

Management by Baseball

Notepad = Geek

Living in Harmony

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Beatles - history - to round out week

Song Sparrow

I Didn't See That Coming

Light Rail Update


Coffee - Nectar of the Gods

When He's 64

Abandon Internet Explorer?

47 Years Ago Today

A Blogging Dog

Yikes - Not a Happy Meal

TSH = 2.99

Transit Envy? Thoughts on Light Rail

At Least I Didn't Fart