My Achin' Knees

This week's early excitement over my running breakthrough has been tempered by that fact that both my knees, especially the troublesome right one, hurt like heck. I even have resorted to taking the elevators at work when I'm just traveling 2 floors, something I never do.

Could be the weather - very dank - cloudy/foggy - temps in 40s and 50s. Haven't seen the sun in days. Could be "the pose" - not so much the physical aspects of the pose itself, but the fact that it "lured" me with the promise of injury-free running. Maybe I should have just stayed on the couch.

Oh well, I'm not 15 anymore - but I'd settle for 35.


amy said…
Have you ever thought about taking glucosamine? Every used a patellar-tibial band? Both of these could help!!!!!!!!!!!

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