Friday, October 22, 2004

My Achin' Knees

This week's early excitement over my running breakthrough has been tempered by that fact that both my knees, especially the troublesome right one, hurt like heck. I even have resorted to taking the elevators at work when I'm just traveling 2 floors, something I never do.

Could be the weather - very dank - cloudy/foggy - temps in 40s and 50s. Haven't seen the sun in days. Could be "the pose" - not so much the physical aspects of the pose itself, but the fact that it "lured" me with the promise of injury-free running. Maybe I should have just stayed on the couch.

Oh well, I'm not 15 anymore - but I'd settle for 35.

1 comment:

amy said...

Have you ever thought about taking glucosamine? Every used a patellar-tibial band? Both of these could help!!!!!!!!!!!