Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho . . . .

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, I can't believe she made me go.

Actually I had a good time at the Kerry march this past Saturday. Boppa tipped us off to this one. M was very keen on going. A "quickie" event organized only 2 weeks ago by some DFL women. The Kerry daughters were going to be in town. The event was orginally scheduled for Sunday, Oct 10, but was moved to Saturday, Oct 9, when it was learned that President Bush was coming to Mpls on Saturday.

Picture if you can (and it's not easy) - Boppa, M, and your's truly marching across the Stone Arch Bridge chanting "Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, George Bush has got to go." God - how I hate that old recycled "Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho fill-in-the-blank has got to go" chant. Boppa and I are not the loudest chanters, but we actually warmed up as the march wound across the bridge. After the March, M and Boppa were enlisted to stand behind the Kerry gals as they were interviewed by local news folks.

I watched with interest as several women looked on. Now - this won't sound good - but you gotta admit it's true. Any political movement has a subculture for whom the mission and the message are paramount - often to the detriment of personal hygeniene. The sort of women looking on may have fallen into that camp. I can't say for certain. I can say, they didn't spend a lotta time on the hair and make-up. Anyway, the Kerry daughter are what many would call "glamerous". These onlookers were staring uncertainly when one finally said, "She has nice hair". Another agreed, "Yes, and that is a nice sweater." Then they just sighed.

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho,


amy said…
Ha ha...this cracks me up. I can just see you guys batting your fists into the air and sreaming for Bush to Go!!!

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