Working "Under the Hood" - a Medical Update

For all the medicos in my family, here's the latest. Went to DR today - ostensibly for a cholesterol check. Yes, we all know that my most recent blood draw was meant to be a thyroid only screen (so I didn't fast) and the fact that they checked my cholesterol "by accident" and it came back at alarming rates was all a big mistake. But - - it's so hard to communicate with my DR that it's just as easy to make an appointment to see him than to try to reach him via phone. Anyway, the lab results said I needed to see the DR anyway before my veins clogged up anyway.

While at DR he noted that my TSH was kind of high, and he would prescribe raising my thyroid medication dose. Why he brings this up in the office – but didn’t mention it on the comments to my test results that were mailed to my home – I’ll never know. See, it pays to visit the Dude in person. Anyway, the TSH at last test was 3.89. He would like to see it from 0 to 2. So they are putting me on Levoxyl 88 mcg once a day (up from 50 mcg). He hopes that by getting my thyroid under control that my cholesterol level may drop as well.

To top it all off – there is new computer system in the DR’s office with a PC in each examining room. So I got to recite my entire medical history - - AGAIN. I should really write that down. I can never remember whether my grandparents had glaucoma, or bad hearts, etc. I do recall that my fraternal grandfather had rickets as a young boy - - why don't they ever ask about rickets?


amy said…
OK---I'll start asking people about Rickets!
I've thought about organizing a "my medical history" binder to sell...there would be a section for immunizations, a section for med list and info about the med, a section about family history, surgical hx, medical conditions, lifestyle change section....Maybe you could organize one for yourself. God knows your kids need you to organize theirs as your wife (her mother was the same way) isn't the best at keeping track of that info! When the kids are 23 they'll be scratching their heads to find their childhood immunization record!!
Sue A said…
I always thought a website was a good idea. Then you only have to enter it once, then write down a url in the DR's office. I have lugged enough medical records and blood tests (for both me and dogs) to different cities that I though the www could work for me!

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