Ford Idiosyncrasies

Jake and H jetted off to San Diego early Sunday morning, leaving us to watch after the Taurus in their absence. Now this isn't just any car, it comes with special instructions. Here is the verbatim copy of the instructional note penned by Jake. (I wanted to scan it but having probs with scanner.)

Ford Idiosyncrasies

1) Front Door Keys
2) Open front door - use outside
3) Gas tank opening open by pulling cord in trunk

The note needs a little interpretation, so here are my comments.

1) Front Door Keys - not sure what the point of this one is?? Maybe S knows?

2) Open front door - - yes, you are right, you have to open the door from the outside. Sounds reasonable, assuming you are outside the car wanting to enter. This rule also applies to those inside the car. The first time I saw Jake pull up our driveway, roll the window down, and open the door by grabbing the outside handle, I just chuckled. Well - I'm not laughing now, since it's presently 0 degrees and windy outside.

3) Gas tank - - This is a fun one. Apparently the gas tank does not open with the little gas tank lever in the car. In order to open the gas tank cover you first open the the trunk, reach inside, and grab some cord ??. Pull the cord, and the gas tank cover pops open.

I have Jake's name for Christmas. He needs a car, but given our spending limits maybe I'll just buy him a bus pass.


George said…
Well, you know, it's always "Just one more winter".

You know, having to roll down the window to open the door seems a tad bit unsafe. Just a tad.
George said…
You know, you could always call the Taurus fan on his cellphone to find out what he meant by #1. . . or wait. That means he'd have to have his phone on.
Amy said…
Well, I let Jake and H read your post and Jake got a big kick out of it! I didn't let him read the last sentence, though, so he doesn't know you have his name.

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