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"I'm On The Hunt, I'm After You. . . "

New Blog in the Family

Post-Christmas: Sorting it All Out

Christmas Day

Christmas Eve


Centerville, SD

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Jingle Bells, and All That Jazz

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Inland North

I Used Google - Duh!

Bike Helmets

More Alice - Backstage Antics

Christmas Concert

Opening Night

Hobbled and Happy

Sew What!

Alice - "Off With Their Heads"

"More Homeruns, Less Singles"

Feeding Birds . . and People

A Small Visitor

Might as Well Give Iowa a Try

The Perfect Gift for the Man Who Has Everything

Back Again

New Maps, Baseball, and Grocery Stores

News From Home

Commute x 3

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Recipe Inside

Politics + YouTube

Yeah – I Felt the Bump

The "New" YouTube

Hobbled Runner Decides Governor's Race

Only for Minnesotans - How to Merge in Traffic

Of Course I Voted

They're Jackals, Not Wh*res

How I Get My News

9:10 - Oops I'm Late For Lunch

E85 - Will That Be On The Test?

Indiana - Revisited


Way Above Average!

"The Pot Broke"

Sunday Update

Fall Picnic


"Flufy Dide"

Don’t Like Sports?

So Long Taurus

No More Wrapping Paper - Please


The Beatles Come Through Again

Do We Expect Too Much From Elections?

Yoga in the Bathroom ??

Museum of the Future?

Another Endangered Species

School Days - School Days

School Blues

The Circus

A Paper In the Door - - ahh nice!

Urban Wildlife Report

Dhaka - State Fair Without Pronto-Pups

Good Thing He Drives a Hybrid

What's Michael J. Fox Like?

Everyone's Reading