Patterns: aa, bb

The Dude's pre-school teacher was telling me about the patterns they kids are learning: aa, bb. The kids were all abuzz wondering what today's pattern be. One thought maybe it would be another a, as in aa, bb, aa. I think the smart money's on c. Teacher said these guys were catching on quicker than the first graders she used to teach.


amy said…
Oh oh....can't stand the suspense! That is too cute
Sue A said…
Brings to mind a Simpsons episode - When Grandpa Simpson is remembering old radio shows of his youth. It seems they would read the alphabet. "A!," they'd say. Then "B." (According to grandpa - "C would usually follow.") However in this instance, I would go with a,b,a,b - or something similar. I remember doing this as a kid too - but I was definitely older. (Sorry for the late comments, I have just figured out how to post!) SA

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