Tuesday, December 09, 2014

“Like”? No- like.

I just sent an old friend a Facebook birthday greeting.  Shrug.

This friend and I go way back.  For over 25 years, we sent each other cards every year on our birthdays.  A few years ago that practice stopped.  Who knows why?  Now Facebook reminds me when it’s her birthday and I post a pithy little greeting on her timeline.  Check that activity off my to-do list and move on.

Why don’t I have the guts, interest, or time to send cards anymore?   Facebook doesn’t prevent me from also sending cards, but as the years go by and I send fewer snail-mail cards, I have fallen out of the practice – and I feel bad about it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Other Morning Routine

Yikes another obituary gets my attention today.  Dale Strom – longtime Richfield social studies teacher.  

I say, “Yikes” because they’re dropping like flies.  Yesterday I attended the funeral of an old family friend.  The week before Shana attended the funeral of a father of a close childhood friend; the same friend whose wedding Shana and I met at.

I discovered these three recent deaths by reading the obituaries, a habit I’ve taken up with gusto.  Prior to my mom’s death in January 2013, I relied on her as the source of death news.  She never missed one, and would often call me if she thought I might have an interest a recent death. 

Now the torch has passed to a new generation, and I’m doing my best to keep up the tradition.  I still start each day reading the comics, and I read every last one of them.  But after the comics it’s the obituaries, looking for an interesting story – or more recently a friend or loved one.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Morning Routine

New morning routine:  Park in lot farthest from building, but nearest the walking path, and take a walk BEFORE work.  This is relaxing and at the same time invigorating way to start the day.  It’s a great time to plan my day, get in some exercises – even some stretches and push-ups.  It also assures me a walk if my day “gets away from me” as it often does.  Bonus – some days I get two walks – like yesterday I found I had time for a noon-time walk, after doing my morning walk.  

Let’s see how this holds for the winter.  It will be a nice practice for summer – when the heat and humidity can make the un-shaded walking path unbearable over the noon hour.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Glass Half Full

I hope those who know me well would describe me as a "glass half-full" kind of guy.  I know I do.

On the optimist/pessimist theme:  One person's "cloudy day" is another's partly-sunny day.  Sitting in a meeting this morning, a co-worker looked out the window and said, "I wished those darn clouds would go away."  Well, I almost took that as a direct challenge to make time for my lunch-time walk.

I definitely see today as partly sunny.  It's also a lot less humid than yesterday so I was able to complete my lunch time walk without my pants sticking to my legs - yuck!

Later today - off to the cabin to retrieve John whose been spending time with Shana's parents enjoying the latest cabin toy!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Can You Schedule Romance?

[Today's walk:  Camera/phone on the path.]

Rest easy, this isn't an embarrassing post about how older couples with kids find creative ways to “be alone”.  No, this is about those darn kids! 

At my age I find myself thinking, and even sometimes saying out loud, “Kids nowadays!” 
I've had a chance to observe the latest fad and I don’t approve.  That fad?  The scheduled breakup. 

Isn't life convenient?  Now, we can schedule our break-ups.  All the kids do it; they schedule break-ups before college departures.  The scheduled heartbreak is designed to save them the heartache of a “real” breakup bound to occur later.  It’s very practical – but also very unromantic in my humble opinion.

OK, I admit it – I’m an old romantic.  Back in my day we promised never to part, and hung in there through long-distance relationships, the inevitable meeting of “the other”, and the horrible break-up. 

Was the old way bad?  Of course, many hearts were broken.  Many tears were shed.  However, perhaps those breakups launched a thousand pop songs, and other works of art.

Is the new way better?

Let’s wait and see.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I'm Here for the Cake!

[Today's view from the walking path - during lunch break.]

Is it really necessary to be here (in the office that is)?  It’s a 45 minute commute - one way.  And when I get here, the majority of my work is done via email. 

My first meeting today was a 10 minute “stand-up” where the key players from Technology were not in attendance (Funeral Leave, and Sick Day) - back to desk for more email.  

Now it turns out my 1:00 meeting cancelled, affording me time for more email.  

The last meeting of the day is at 2:00 when I’m invited to a “Wedding Celebration” for a recently wed co-worker.  Oh well, at least I’ll get some free cake.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Come-Back?

[Running up the road from Lonnie's Park, Friday, August 8, 2014.]

People of a certain age ask about the Hobbled Runner.  He’s not gone; the Hobbled Runner lives on.  Today he spends most of his time today on Instagram where he lets his pictures do the talking.

Those few admiring fans who remember the Hobbled Runner are not the only ones who miss the Hobbled Runner.  Truth be told, the old runner misses himself, often starting posts he never finishes, and saying, “I should really post more on Hobbled Runner.”  Let’s examine the reasons for the Hobbled Runner drought of 2014.

  • No time?  Not really, as evidenced by the time and energy put into Instagram.
  • Nothing to say?  Oh, he has a lot to say, his daily journal contains all sorts of stuff that would make nice Hobbled Runner posts if only he would share.
  • Blogs are out-of-style?  True, but who cares?  Certainly not the fans of Hobbled Runner, nor the old Mr. Hobbled himself. 

Perhaps I will start a back to school effort.  With the kids gearing up for another year of school, the Hobbled Runner could gear up for another year of blogging. 

Let’s give it a try – and see where it takes us.  This year promises to be a year of change with Maria entering her senior year, and John-John starting a high school.

Let’s start again – if only for selfish reasons:  The Hobbled Runner reports that it feels so good to write.