Figured out my blog problems almost by myself. Was able to do a short test blog with no problem, but anything longer (that inlcuded block quotes and links) just kept coming out all messy. Also - - when I tried to post I kept getting error messages saying either my div was not closed, or my div had not been opened.

After trying unsuccessfully to either close the div by adding div or open the unclosed div by typing div I gave up and went to the Blogspot help site. Saw that one user had commented that his editor was adding div tags where it shouldn't have. He just deleted his div tags and viola - perfect.

Aha - - I didn't even know the div tags shouldn't be there. I went back, deleted the div tags, and I'm up and running.

Almost as satisfying as replacing the toilet (I love plumbing!).


Great post John G., without blogs like yours I would be miserable and bored. My recent injury has me cooped up at home, so it's always lucky to find a gem like your blog here to keep me amused. My spf clothing website is getting better but it's hard to find information on spf clothing stuff, so I like learning from quality blogs like yours because it helps me in my web projects. You do a sweat job my friend. I'll be bookmarking your site in a special place. Will probably tell a friend too.

Nice work ~

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