Back and Voting

Both Dude and Dad took a sick day yesterday - spent an hour (!!) at Dr, then off to Target for the reward - Rescue Heroes® ROBOTZ Billy Blazes™ & Firestomper™. The reward was for "submitting" to the throat culture. He didn't actually submit. Instead, he sat in my lap, my legs were twisted over his, my hands were prying open his mouth, and I used my what was left of my arms to squeeze his little arms together. Sheesh - after that I needed a Rescue Hero.

Out to vote early today - Dude was not too happy when he saw me pull into the parking lot at the polling place. Luckily we were in and out in less than 10 minutes. I'm always surprised by the huge number of candidates on the ballot for President. The Dude is proudly wearing Dad's "I Voted" sticker.


amy said…
OK-----have Bapa look at his throat sometime...the cold metal knife otta cure him of fear of that soft swab they use in the DR. office! Geez kid!!!!

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