Trick Dude

Big talk at our house over past few days is the impending purchase of a hamster. Mostly it's been M - very excited about it, reading books, purchasing little toys for it, etc. Well today the Dude gets into the act. As we set out to pre-school, he grabs the hamster book: He needed to "study" more about hamsters. He was quite insistent on reading the passage about their water bottles. When he couldn't find the right page, he became upset. While stopped at a stop sign, I grabbed the book and found the appropriate section.

Sometime on the four mile drive to preschool, he had created an imaginary hamster and named it "Trick". By the time we got out of the car he was holding one hand in a cupped position: palm facing upward, fingers slightly curled. I asked what he was doing. He said, "I'm carrying Trick." As he walked across the parking lot he let Dad hold one hand, the other hand held Trick.

When we entered the preschool, the director said, "Good Morning. What do you have in your hand?" Dude became a little shy here so I had to tell her it was his imaginary pet hamster Trick. The Dude then became mad at me, "You didn't have to say that, the name is on my back-pack." Keep in mind now that he's not wearing a back-pack - - anyway he continued cupping his hand until we entered the classroom. Without a word, Trick had "disappeared". Can't wait to see where he next appears.


amy said…
Kid cracks me up. Ask him where Trick's bed is? Bet he'll make one up!

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