Jesus on a Pole?

M and I were driving back from the bagel store yesterday when we noticed woman setting out Christmas decorations. Probably a good idea to hang the lights before the snow flies, but a quick peak into her living via the picture window revealed that most of the inside was already decorated too!

As she usually does, M started asking about why we don't put out more Christmas decorations. We usually only string some lights over the bushes near our front steps. This is kind of lame, but it works for me. This year I said, "Yes, maybe we should have more lights."

"Yeah, and some of those other decorations," she said, "Maybe Santa Claus or Jesus on a pole or something."


amy said…
Ha ha ha....I'll be sure to set up some cool Christmas decorations at Elizabeth's house for you guys when you arrive!!!!!!!! Don't want to disappoint Miss M!

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