This is vacation? I was home with the kids on yesterday and today. Thursday was OK, off in the AM for "Eagles Nest" and a chance for the little guy to blow off steam. M had a friend come home with her after school. Whew! Somedays M needs time to decompress after school. Today was one of those days - - except she had a friend with her. Needless to say, there were a few tantrums before friend's Dad stopped by around 5:00 to pick her up.

Dude gave me grief at bedtime. The lastest stall tactic - Fluffy needs to run in his ball. Fluffy our hamster has a little plastic ball - with air holes - that you seal him in and he runs like a mad rodent all over the house. Usually lots of fun, but not at 10:30 p.m.

AM - M had been up sick durin the night - fever, aches, and "the knee" again. WHile Shana took M (heaving all the way!) to the DR, I took Dude to another friend's house. Kid has a much more rounded social life than his Dad. To kill time while he was playing pirate treasure hunt or whatever, I dropped $129 at Target. New watch, two pairs of pants, and two sweaters. Not bad.

Quiet afternoon at home with M dozing on couch and Dude playing with Matt-Medic upstairs in his room.


amy said…
Just to get back at him...I think you should send Fluffy into Ole's room at about 4:30 am one morning!

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