Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Rescue Heroes and Princesses

Crazy morning - the dude did NOT WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL. He finally came around after much screaming, yelling, crying, and finally cuddling with Dad.

On the drive to preschool he lays this on me: "Drew is my girlfriend." Drew is a cute little 4 year old at his school - - daugther and granddaugher of the owners.

What a surprise. It was common knowledge that she did NOT like Rescue Heroes. Instead, she was one of those girls smitten by horses and princesses. I reminded him of this saying, "But remember Drew doesn't like Rescue Heroes. You told me she says they are 'stupid'".

"No", he said, "She likes Rescue Heroes and Princesses."

Wow - - what a combination.


amy said...

I try that screaming and kicking protest routine every morning before I have to go to work....tell Ole that it never gets me out of it either

amy said...

Tell Ole that I try that "kicking and screaming" protest routine every morning before I have to go to work...never seems to get me out of it....

amy said...

WHY AREN"T MY COMMENTS SHOWING UP?????????????????????