Friday, January 30, 2009

Facebook Forehead

[Where's the rest of me?]

James Lileks in StarTribune in a funny piece on Twitter.

The Internet turned half the country into exhibitionists and the rest into voyeurs, an arrangement that seems to suit everyone nicely. The only question is whether it's interesting.

[Ahh - that's better.]

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dog Walk

Duke enjoys the weather (4 above, windy - but sunny) during our walk this afternoon.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Like summer-time in January here in Minnestoa with temps near 30 (above zero!) over the noon hour when I was walking at work and snapped this shot of some birches.

Crazy days. The usual blog fodder seems slim. Nothing terribly "funny" happening with the kids at present though I suspect we will all look back at these days years from now and laugh. I can only hope.

This past weekend, I thought about changing the title of the blog to "Grumpy Old Man" as it would better fit my mood, but I'd probably get sued by the Hollywood guys who made that movie a few years back. That would just make me grumpier.

Following are some random reasons I'm grumpy - in no particular order of importance.

Duke has started growling and barking us awake around 5:45 a.m. Not too bad for work/school days (for me at least), but on the weekend! Crap, I was grumpy most of the weekend.

Wanted to read the Op-Ed pages of the Star Tribune over the weekend, but discovered that I had read the pieces earlier in the week online. With the Strib in Chapter 11 you hear rumors about cutting back on home delivery. I'd miss it - but only because it's easier to spill coffee on the paper than your laptop. I usally get peanut butter on the pages - think how grumpy I'd be if I had to clean the peanut butter off my laptop keys each morning.

Now the Dude is having school "issues" - again. He's not helped by the recent holiday weekend. Most kids love breaks, vacations, three-day weekends, but not the Dude. He'd prefer to go every day - or not at all. When he has too many days off it's hard to get him back - and we've tried all the tricks in the book. I won't/can't blog further because the guy is pretty internet savvy and probably reads the blog. Love ya Dude!

As much as I like the online life, I'm starting to get overwhelmed. After even my father-in-law got on Facebook, I broke down and signed up myself. I entered my various personal stuff - college, highschool (no place for law school or other post grad stuff - or maybe I missed it). Now I get informed of all sorts of people who want to be my "friend". Don't get me wrong. I like the online life, but find it hard to keep up. I've got this blog, my Flick account, Good Reads, and now Facebook. Facebook was kind of the straw that broke this camels' back. I'm already bored with Facebook and find that counting friends and updating folks on all my comings and goings just aint' my cup of tea.

That's all for now.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Roll Over Beethoven

Here's a little Peanuts - Charles Schulz post. I didn’t know that. . . but I kind of expected it,

When Schroeder pounded on his piano, his eyes clenched in a trance, the notes floating above his head were no random ink spots dropped into the key of G. Schulz carefully chose each snatch of music he drew and transcribed the notes from the score. More than an illustration, the music was a soundtrack to the strip, introducing the characters’ state of emotion, prompting one of them to ask a question or punctuating an interaction.

Emphasis mine.

Hat tip, Orange Crate Art.

Cold Crows

It was -22 this morning so I couldn't move quick enough to snap a picture of the crows close up, but here we see them after they retreated to the safety of the tree. Duke and I stepped outside this morning to start the car. (It was parked in the driveway and needed to "warm up" - that's an understatment.) At the end of the driveway were 5 or 6 crows. They were just sitting there with their feathers all puffed up to ward off the cold. Duke went into action, ran down the driveway and dispersed the crows. They were cawing up a storm when I snapped this picture.

The picture below is Duke enjoying the snow yesterday as he helped me start the car.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Greetings from a Frosty Dog

Duke at Reservoir Woods this morning. We'd gone about a mile and a half at this point and he wanted to rest his cold paws. It was about 5 above, sunny, no wind. At the end of the walk we joined some other canine friends for a romp in the dog park.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Hamster CATastrophe

Hamster CATastrophe - that was the headline in the recent Gisselquist Gazette (a family newspaper published semi-regularly by the Dude). There was a bit of a cat vs. hamster mishap in the Hobbled Household over the weekend.

[The scene of the crime.]

Here's the official version from the Gazette,

On Saturday, January 3, 2009, me and my dad got home from some errands and found the pantry door open. That’s where we keep our hamsters safe from Roscoe our cat. When we saw what was in front of the pantry we were scared out of our wits, the hamster cage was on the floor and all the bedding was spilled out all over the floor (below center). “Where’s the hamsters?” said dad. “I don’t know” I responded. Well, Haley was under the refrigerator and we caught her after about 45min. When we got her out from under the refrigerator we had a wild chase under the table then around the tool box then under the tree and finally catching her. That evening we didn’t know where the other one was, but we suppose that the other one is in the hall closet. No one wants to wake up with a dead or alive hamster in their bed! Or do they? When we woke up the next morning, I see Roscoe looking at the box for my family’s Thanksgiving Turkey box which has become his toy. Then I hear squeaking, “Roscoe what toy is that?” I say. I look over and Roscoe is PLOWING after Chubby our other Hamster and we caught Chubby after about 3 min.