Friday, February 05, 2016

F no longer equals N

Disclaimer:  I watch little to no TV.  I haven’t been to a movie (at a movie theater) for several years.  I’m likely a “little” out of touch with popular culture.  With that in mind, I offer the following.

Last night Shana and I were watching a new series on Amazon Prime (Mozart in the Jungle).  We’ve watched several episodes, and all have a lot of your “normal” cussing.  The show also has – what seems to me – a rather prolific use of what we used to call the F word.  You know the one. 

I’m not sure what that bothers me so much.  Maybe I’m becoming an old fogey, unhip and unwise to the real world out there.  Maybe it’s a Midwestern prudishness.  I know I travel in different circles than the characters in the series.  I certainly don’t work in an artistic, creative environment like a symphony orchestra.  But, having said all that, it still seems like an overabundance of the F word.  Where I work, it would be considered very bad form to use the F word in a meeting.  We cuss a little, “damn” and maybe “shit” – but it’s been a long time since someone let loose with the big F-enheimer.

It bothers me how common-place the F word – especially among young people.  When I was a kid, the F word was almost equivalent to the N word.   If you used either, you quickly looked in both directions to make sure no grown-ups overheard you.

Is it possible to turn the tide – turn back the clock on the overuse of the F word?  Really, where does it go from here?  If everyone – young and old – is comfortable with the F word, does it lose its shock value?  Will need to come up with even more dramatic and vulgar expressions? 

Maybe I shouldn’t even care.  You know – WTF.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Walking and Talking

The company promotes wellness.  That’s a good thing.  They offer onsite exercise classes, access to showers, and nicely maintained walking paths on the campus.  They also post maps of walking routes indoors – for those who don’t want to go outside in Minnesota winters (or summers), or those who feel they don’t have enough time to leave the building.

One route seems to take people right by my cube.  Here’s one (of many) reason not to do your exercise walk in the building:  Walking is exercise, and depending on your level of fitness, you may become winded.  Walking is social; many people walk with friends and colleagues. 

Walking encourages talking – it really helps free up the mind and ideas flow.  Walking and talking with colleagues while winded leads to loud conversations – some of which you might not want to share with your co-workers.   Many is the day when I want to hop up from cube and follow the walking talkers who just went by – I gotta know what happens next.