Mark, our neighbor, has Hodgkins-Lymphoma (Refractory Hodgkins to be exact - it never went into remission - but it's back). Last night family and friends held a meeting at the fire station (he is a volunteer ff) to strategize how to help the family during the 6 - 8 weeks he and his wife will be living in Rochester for treatment. They have 4 kids under 7, a 7-year old boy, 5 year old girl, and twins, boy/girl age 3.

The meeting lasted 2+ hours and I think we (they) got it all worked out. Different folks taking kids different weeks, others staying with Mark on weekends so his wife can come home to be with kids, taking kids to Rochester for visits, coordinating school, pre-school, cub scouts, gymnastics, church functions, etc. Amazing - very humbling to see this kind of thing in action.


kat said…
What a really nice thing to do. Imagine how much easier this hard situation is going to be because of this initiative.
I wish this would happen to everyone who got seriously ill.

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