New Blog in the Family

Forgot to mention that M is now blogging. We set it up on December 23, but she's been so busy with her new iPod (thanks to Grandma-ma) that she has not had much time to blog since Christmas.

That's "Lambie" or is it "Lamby" or perhaps "Lammy" - I've never had to spell his/her/its name before - with a batch of cookies that the kids and I made on Saturday. Very tasty - I had the last two today. [Photo courtesy of M - who received a book on digital photography for kids on Christmas - expect even more photos to follow.]


Sue A said…
I am definitely going to have to make some of those cookies - the first photo had me thinking, and the second is putting me over the edge!
Act-1 said…
It's lammy and it's a girl!

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