Commute x 3

A 35 minute commute is not so bad – unless you pull into the parking lot at work, park your car, open your trunk – and discover that you left your laptop at home. Then your commute becomes 35 x 3 = 115 minutes. Adding insult to injury – by the time I got here I had to park “out back” in the gravel overflow lot – adding another 10+ minutes to the commute if you count the walk from car to cube.


amy said…
Hahaha...I had a similar experience the other day. About half-way to work I realized I forgot an essential part of the breastpump...ACK! I imagined I might explode if I couldn't pump all day! No time to turn home. Ah..TARGET! Got the extra part for $6.99 and I was only 5 min. late to work. You should have just gotten a new laptop!

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