"Flufy Dide"

Our hamster Fluffy died the other day. The Hobbled Wife was out at book club on Tuesday night, and we were having a little bedtime snack when someone mentioned Fluffy - our male hamster. I couldn't recall hearing him since returning from Indiana on Sunday night. It's not odd to not see or him him much - - he is/was seriously nocturnal - and seldom ever awake during the day.

We checked the cage and found him "sleeping" under the wheel. The kids were pretty sure he was just sleeping. The wise old Dad knew otherwise. I removed the wheel, and petted him gently - in case he really was sleeping. When he didn't move, I lifted him up and we laid him in a little plastic container (the coffin). He appeared to have died in his sleep - we like to think he went peacefully.

The funeral was last night - - when M and I were at Choir School. She didn't want to participate, so HW and the Dude did the honors.

Here are the notes the kids left for HW before going to bed that night. [Click on photo to see larger, clearer image.]


Sue A said…
John-John and Maria (and mom and dad)

I am so sorry to hear about Fluffy.
Hugs to you all.

Aunt Sue

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