Hobbled Runner Decides Governor's Race

Wow - I think my vote really mattered. DFL Atty General Mike Hatch lost to Republican Incumbent Governor Tim Pawlenty by 1%. Now I have to make peace with the fact that I was one of those voters whose last minute decision to vote for Independence candidate Peter Hutchinson, probably robbed Hatch of the election.

Hmm – I think I will be able to sleep at night – no problem.

As the Star Tribune reports this morning:

A couple of miscues in the last week by Hatch and his lieutenant governor running mate, Judi Dutcher, loomed large in the final days of the campaign. Dutcher in a television interview fumbled a question and displayed a lack of familiarity with the term E85 and issues surrounding the ethanol industry, a growing and important sector of the state's rural economy. Hatch compounded the gaffe by verbally abusing two reporters as he was being questioned about the issue. Hatch did not apologize but said his choice of words, including "Republican hack" and reportedly "Republican whore," were "inappropriate."
Hatch campaign manager Jon Youngdahl said the missteps "had an effect for a day or two but voters look at the issues and are very forgiving when people say they made a mistake."
Political observers may be speculating for years about what effect the late blunders had on the final outcome.

Yep – that’s why I switched.

Anyway – enough politics. Don’t want to alienate any loyal readers out there. Time to get back to complaining about the schools and posting cute pics of my kids.


Cate Ross said…
So...you're one of those people whose vote for Hutchinson stole a vote from Hatch. You may be one of my very favorite people today. Thank you.
George said…
As a staunch detractor of a the political oligopoly that is our stratified two-party system, it really rankles me when people say voting third-party is "throwing away" your vote. Such arguments belie the very reason why the two-party system stinks: they assume they are entitled to your vote! This just encourages the whole "I'm not as bad as the other guy, so vote for me" strategy. No wonder people don't vote - it's so uninspiring to hear that. Can you imagine iPods being marketed that way: "we suck less!"

If Hatch couldn't earn your vote, he didn't deserve it, flat out.

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