School Days - School Days

The Mistress weighs in on the education discussion - with an interesting private school perspective. I like her last paragraph:

Back when I was a kid, you just went to the school that was in your neighborhood. In some cases, you maybe went to the Catholic church in your parish. Some people moved in order to get into certain desireable districts, but there was not all this hand-wringing about getting the "right" education. Maybe our generation needs to lighten up--our kids will learn something, and there's no telling what they'll really need to know 15 years from now. Fifteen years ago, there were no Website designers, no content providers, no e-commerce gurus...fifteen years from now, what our kids will need to know might just be what they can learn from being in a school environment--how to think critically, how to decided what they want and how to get it, how to operate in ossified bureaucracies. Maybe the best thing we can do for our kids is to just get out of their way and let them find their own paths.

Well-put. Who knows what the kids will need when they grow up. For what it's worth, I decided to be very cutting edge and took the only computer class offerred at my college. I learned some of the rudiments of Basic (I believe) programming language. My homework was carried around on a rolled up yellow strip of paper - full of various punch marks. Very high tech - circa 1981.


Cate Ross said…
Glad to see I made some sense to you. It's soooo hard when it's your own kid(s). Remember when Bill Clinton was elected and he moved into the White House and put Chelsea in a private school--he took a LOT of grief for that. But, hey--supporting the concept of public education doesn't mean sacrificing your own kid.

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