“Melvin” sent this one. I didn’t open it (I'm not a fool) – but copied this out of my preview pane. It’s notable for its lack of typos and rather flowery prose.

Somewhere out there is an aspiring novelist – awaiting the big break:

For example, an accidentally flatulent class action suit indicates that a mating ritual inexorably buys an expensive gift for a pathetic senator. A turkey prays, and an infected line dancer sweeps the floor; however, the mortician writes a love letter to some seldom purple tabloid. When a skyscraper inside a skyscraper trembles, a greasy plaintiff earns frequent flier miles. Now and then, a ball bearing secretly befriends a knowingly alleged insurance agent. The wheelbarrow living with a fairy, a paper napkin related to the cowboy, and another smelly freight train are what made America great!


Sue A said…
So - what was your clue this was spam? I have read far worse!

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