Crazy Busy - Holiday Edition

I've edited yesterday's whining, sniveling post (which I pulled) to be a little less self-centered, but still give you an idea why I have a little less of the Christmas spirit this year.

Tired, tired, tired – and two tired kids: M has been on-the-go, non-stop for a few weeks with the Alice play, Ragazzi (Opera) choir, and Church choir. This past weekend was the culmination of many weeks’ work – Friday night play performance; Saturday morning, the Dude had “play class” and M had a 3 hour Ragazzi practice; Saturday night was the final night for the play, and the kids didn’t get to sleep until 10:45 am; Sunday morning – to church by 8:00 for two services (9 and 11) “Lesson in Carols”, home by 12:15 – leave house by 12:45 for piano recital; leave by 2:30 for Ragazzi choir concert starting at 4:00, short concert, followed by terrible dinner at Fuddrucker’s (I know – I know – what did I expect?). Though both kids almost fell asleep over dinner, no one was tired when we got home – both up until 9:30 – 9:45 – and up by 6:45 for school.

[Monday/Tuesday update: Monday night was the "strike" and cast party for Alice. For those non-theater types (which included me until last year) "strike" is not a reference to a labor dispute, but referes to the act tearing apart the set after the play is done. Much fun, and potentially dangerous. I've never seen so many kids ages 9 - 15 walking around with power tools in their hands. It's amazing no blood was shed. Of course, kids up late - - again.]

No Christmas Letter – I’ve spent about one hour trying to write the damn thing, but it’s the only writing I’ve done recently where I face serious writer’s block. The words just won’t come. I’ve been so busy with work and kids (see above paragraph), that it’s going nowhere. Don’t expect anything this year – perhaps a New Year letter – but don’t hold your breath. I always get guilty when I don’t get cards and letters out on time. This past year I’ve posted hundreds of blog entries, somewhat continuous updates with news and pictures, but now I have to condense one year down to one or two pages – it’s ridiculous! If more than two of my relatives ever looked at this darn blog, I’d feel less guilty – at least they would be getting the news. Thanks to those who do read – Merry Christmas.

The Dude hates school – or something: Every morning it’s the same thing – he digs in his heels and refuses to go. Sometimes he claims illness (and I do believe the school thing is effecting him physically), other times he just gets stubborn. He’s been late several days, and had to come home sick once. I have no idea what to do. It’s even impacting bedtime since he “can’t close his eyes” because he thinks about school. You can’t sleep without first closing your eyes – but it’s amazing how long he can keep them open in the face of exhaustion.

Hah – there’s my Christmas letter. I think I’ll just print it out and send it. -


Cate Ross said…
So, here's what you do: skip the holiday letter, just include the URL of the blog in the Christmas card.

Update achieved!

(My 'rents are using something from my blog as their holiday message...which confirms my impression that the above is good advice.)
amy said…
OK---so you should just shell out the money for a private room. Or...better yet, solve two problems and just bring the boy along with you so he can skip school and he can be your roommate!

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