No More Wrapping Paper - Please

Laura Billings, in today's Pioneer Press complains about the onslaught of school fundraisers.

I own this wrapping-paper extravaganza not because I place a high value on presentation or can even locate the Scotch tape when I need it. Rather, I buy reams of wrapping paper because it is how one is now expected to show support for children and the importance of their education.

Wrapping paper is the school-fundraising effort most favored by my circle, but it takes many forms. Some of you may have boxes of aging Almond Roca in the basement, back from when the nephew was in the marching band. Others may be awaiting pricey frozen cheesecakes and great tins of tinted popcorn ordered from a catalog delivered by the sixth-grader across the street.

Our kids school does things a little differently. We don’t require kids (and their parents really) to sell candy or wrapping paper – instead, we send out a letter asking parents to contribute money. This - - combined with a few events at school where money is raised - - netted $17,000 last year. We hope to do better this year. Oh yeah - - and my employer matches the donation. My employer would not buy wrapping paper.


Cate Ross said…
We had to pay admission into the volleyball playoffs our kids were playing in. Not only do we have to drive our kids all over town at weird hours, but we have to pay for the privilege of doing so. And then the Pony asked "What do they DO with the money?" It's a decent question--especially in a private school.

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