The Beatles Come Through Again

Here at the corporate mother-ship we have a Talent Management System for managers. It requires us to complete an extensive online biography, identify strengths and weaknesses, set goals, and submit a photo of yourself. This Talent Management file is then reviewed by your boss and her bosses.

We have a new VP in our division. At his first meeting with our division (approximately 50 people) he asked us to introduce ourselves and tell something about our musical tastes. I hate these things because I cannot easily describe my diverse musical tastes. To be safe I usually just say I like the Beatles - it's true, simple, and something everyone can relate to.

So my boss just relays this story. Today the big bosses held their Talent review meeting (or whatever they call it). My profile comes up and the new VP says, "Oh yeah, he's the guy who likes the Beatles." Turns out the new VP is a big Beatles fan.

All you need is love - - yeah, yeah, yeah.


Sue A said…
You never know! I had an entire interview dedicated to dogs once - I got the job and a friend to this day.

(How odd that dogs came up, huh??)

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