E85 - Will That Be On The Test?

The Hobbled Runner endorses no particular candidate in the MN Governors Race. You can make up your own mind. But listening to this little exchange gave this former politico the shivers:

DFL Lt. Gov. candidate Judi Dutcher campaigned around the state Tuesday. When she got to Alexandria, a local television reporter from KSAX asked her about E85.

Dutcher: "E85...The Job Z zones you're talking about?"

Reporter: "I'm just basically asking about E85 in general, how we've turned around a lot economies out here, saved some small towns...

Dutcher: Can't even comment on it, I'm sorry. It's like you've asked me the college quiz bowl question. What is E85?

Reporter: That's fine, that's fine.

Dutcher: What is it?

Reporter: E85, the gas.

Dutcher: E85 gas...

Dutcher: "He's asking me about E85 gas. It's like the college...

Man off camera: It's Ethanol.

Dutcher: Thank you, Thank you. What has he said about ethanol?

Man off camera: Oh, Mike [Hatch]? He's 100 percent for ethanol.

Dutcher: Yea, but, I can't tell you specific programs. I'm sorry. I bombed out. Sorry."

I heard a story about this on MPR this morning, and they played the audio of the encounter. Very painful to listen to – Dutcher comes off sounding like some ditzy high school kid (my apologies to any ditzy higher school kids out there)


George said…
You can write off the farm vote now. Wow - how could anyone serious in politics in MN not know what E85 is??

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