The Morning After Pain - Cruciate Crural Ligament

Word to the wise (or is that unwise): Don't run in flip-flops. Last night I joined the Dude for some running, chasing, etc. in the field behind our house. Of course I was wearing the cheapest down-market flip-flops I've ever owned. They were $2.99 at Nokomis Shoe Shop. I thought all was going well, in fact my knee didn't even hurt. Wow - running without knee pain. Perhaps I should throw out my $85 running shoes and use cheap flip-flops from now on.

No - - woke up this morning, and it hurts here:

The cruciate crural ligament is a Y-shaped band placed in front of the ankle-joint, the stem of the Y being attached laterally to the upper surface of the calcaneus, in front of the depression for the interosseous talocalcanean ligament; it is directed medialward as a double layer, one lamina passing in front of, and the other behind, the tendons of the Peronæus tertius and Extensor digitorum longus.


amy said…
John----ever thought about getting a knee band brace? I don't know the name of it, but it is a band and goes around the leg just under the knee and provides support. It works pain for me after using it to play ultimate.

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