Why Didn't You Stop Me?

Raining cats and dogs at noon, so rather than walking outside on the nice path past the pond and through the woods, I opted for the "interior route". Our company Intranet has two maps available: the exterior routes, totaling almost 2+ miles; and the interior route which consists of walking all six floors of the building, and the lower-level, from the northern-most staircase to southern-most. The interior route didn't look too bad. It's 1.2 miles of climate controlled walking, with some stairs thrown in for extra measure.

I made it two floors before going crazy. I started on 6th and began to work my way down. In the middle of 4, as I passed the cafeteria, I lost it.

Maybe it's all my years as a runner that cause me to rebel against indoor exercise. Yoga doesn't bother me because that's like stretching - something we always did inside before going outside to run. Attempts to use a Nordic Trak usually peter out after a few weeks. It's like one of those dreams where you are always trying to get somewhere, or complete some task, but you just can't do it. "But John," everyone always says, "Just listen to some music or watch TV. That's what I do." That's all well and good, but I prefer the great outdoors without electronic stimulation.

Next time I tell you I plan to walk the "interior route" - stop me.


Anonymous said…
checking out the comments...
amy said…
John! Why don't you take up tennis? Chris and I started playing tennis in San Fran...you can ask George how talented we are! Really, it is a good alternative for those of us who aren't 15 anymore!

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