Don't Wanna Go

Today I had the pleasure of transporting to their various daytime activities two children, neither of whom wanted to go where they were going. Let's start with Bones. Nice morning, got to watch the Dora pirate video. He's mostly over pirates, but they still provide a laugh and a chuckle. Left the house willingly, but on the way out the door mentioned a certain story book that resides at his pre-school. Big sis remembered the story very well. The two of them discussed this story in a tone of voice reserved for the discovery of a long lost friend or toy. The story is about a girl making popcorn. The popcorn machine starts popping and it won't stop. The popcorn goes onto the floor and out the door. Very funny - - apparently. Dad wasn't paying much attention, but apperently some sort of agreement was struck. Dad and/or sis would read the story when we arrived at his school.

That's all well and good - except that this morning routine depends on some exquisitely timed drop-offs. We only have 2 to 3 minutes to say good-by to the Dude before Dad and sis head off in the other direction for the senorita's Spanish "camp" where all student must "hasta pronto" and arrive not before 8:55, but not after 9:00.

At the Dude's preschool, when it became apparent that Dad was going to do the drop and run, Dude protested and wrapped himself around Dad's legs. This slowed the old guy down, but he still hobbled to the door. Luckily "Teacher Andi" intervened, and the Dude went rather willingly into her arms - for the last time as it is her final day at school. (Another post perhaps)

20 minutes later we arrive at "Spanish Camp" (9:01 - crap) - with takes place at a suburban school - indoors - that kind of "camp". On the way in, senorita informs papa that she does not want to go - too hard - all they do is talk Spanish all day. Ah-ha, that's the point of an immersion program. It's sink or swim. Luckily for Dad she didn't wrap herself around his legs, but went willingly into the class. I think she will survive.

Hasta Luego


Anonymous said…
survive she did, even with complements on how well she knows Spanish colores....

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