Whoa - they got it all!

My apologies to those with squeamish stomaches but I just have to post this picture. I'll try to post picture below the fold - so you don't freak out immediately.

This is what was removed from Duke's stomach this evening. It appears to be mostly rope from a rope/flossing "toy" we acquired from the local pet shop. The rope - once torn apart and swallowed created something of a net that caught all the various sticks, twigs, leaves and other parts of Duke's recent lawn foraging. The mass of gunk was in his stomach, but some of the rope was also in his intestine.

Duke appeared somewhat alert after surgery and during the transfer to the overnight emergency center. Dr. Stefan reported that he was actually more alert after the surgery than before. He wanted to operate tonight rather than wait 12 hours til morning out of a fear that some of Duke's stomach tissue was so badly damaged by whatever was stuck in there and the damage would spread.

Dr. Stefan figured that Duke had about another 3 days given his weakened condition. Good thing we got him in there when we did.

Now we have to watch for the usual post surgery things - infection, etc. He will be moved back to the vet clinic tomorrow morning for continued observation. Not quite sure when he comes home. When he does I'll be sure to post pictures of the very shaved belly - he will certainly be cool for the upcoming summer - they shaved almost half of his side and belly. It's not a stylish look.


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