Plant Sale Weekend!

Video shot by Friends School parent back in 2007.

It's Plant Sale weekend - along with Mother's Day - and Fishing Opener (big deal here in MN). The Hobbled Wife has volunteered for three different shifts at the plant sale. It's great fun - and the money raised goes to a great cause - scholarships at the Dude's school.

I volunteered for "clean-up" on Sunday night - which involves almost 4 hours of fairly strenuous - but fun and rewarding - manual labor. This year I bring my own work gloves. Last year I used some of the "community" gloves - a small, tight-fitting, mismatched pair.

Did I mention we are hosting a belated birthday (Dude and Hobbled Wife) and Mom's day celebration on Sunday afternoon at our house with my brother's family and my mother? Don't expect more than brats and beans. Not a lot of time to prepare!


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