Gotta Get Me Some Goats

Actually - the neighbors keep chickens, so goats might fit right in.

Google - trendsetters that they are - have rented goats to do lawn care.

A herder brings about 200 goats and they spend roughly a week with us at Google, eating the grass and fertilizing at the same time. The goats are herded with the help of Jen, a border collie. It costs us about the same as mowing, and goats are a lot cuter to watch than lawn mowers.

Cute? Not so sure about that but given the sorry state of my lawn - thanks to Duke the dog - I might want to give goats a try. Even without goats, I've already been considering alternatives to our usual lawn maintenance deal.

For the past several years, we have used one of those natural lawn services - the kind that spray only the "good" stuff to kill the bright green clover, pretty dandelions, and other "nasties", in order to foster the growth of our "natural" lawn. Duke must have just the right deadly combination of chemicals in his urine - because we have some rather large dead, burnt out, patches of lawn this spring. I'm tempted to call the lawn folks and ask if they will only tend to the front lawn - for 1/2 the price. The back yard is lost.

Better yet - maybe goats.


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