Sick Dog - Update

Just spoke with vet. Surgery will take place tonight. I get the impression that Duke is not as stable as they would like - but they don't want to postpone surgery until tomorrow morning. The vet would rather cut now - since the foreign object has been in so long - and the longer it's there, the better the chance it has worked it's way out of stomach into intestine - really can't tell from x-ray.

After surgery we have to transport from vet's office to the emergency clinic - so someone can monitor Duke overnight as the vet's office doesn't have overnight staff. Then in the morning, we take Duke back to vet's office. Heaven help us if we do the same on Thursday night - as the recovery can take 24 to 48 hours.


Suefunky said…
Oh I am so sorry! We have been there with an older dog, a lot of work - yes! (Then try to stop him from running after squirrels while stitches are in - that is the hardest part!)

Good luck to the Hobbled Family and Duke.

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