Sick Dog Story

Perhaps we should have been more suspicious; after all Duke’s been eating leaves and sticks for at almost two weeks. He started out on the leaves and twigs from our cottonwood. All these leafy greens resulted in no vomiting, but a little extra action on the back end. This past weekend at the cabin Duke really went crazy eating all sorts of sticks and leaves – not discriminating as to tree type. Then the vomiting began – including a few times in the car on the way home. He couldn’t keep food down – although he was drinking water.

When we came home from work, Duke was exhausted. He had also vomited all over himself in his kennel – poor guy. We called vet and arranged to bring Duke in this morning.

Later that night, Duke was too tired to go up to bed and just laid there in the kitchen. He eventually woke up around midnight and came upstairs to his kennel. This morning he wasn’t in any hurry to come downstairs. After a short trip outside, he was back in the house, on the floor by the water dish – taking the occasional drink while lying down.

When the Hobbled Wife brought Duke to the vet he weighed in at 92 pounds (great when you consider we got him at 113 in September – but not so great when you consider he weighed 97 on Friday!).

The report from the vet is that Duke’s x-ray shows what appears to be a link of chain in Duke’s stomach. They will operate this afternoon – if he can be stabilized – if not, then tomorrow morning. I’m a little nervous – how well does an older dog recover from stomach surgery? Will I have to carry him in and out? Good thing he’s losing weight.


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