Resting Comfortably

[Sunshine - hooray! - on the Iris this morning.]

Picked up Duke around 7:30 this AM at the Animal Emergency Hospitalwhere he spent the night and transported him back to St. Francis Animal & Bird Hospital where he will spend the day under the watchful eye of Dr. Stefan and staff.

It was a good night - they checked his vitals, etc. at 12:30, 3:00, and 6:00 am. They gave him a new catheter for the IV at some point due to swelling - but that's not a big deal. Duke was able to walk out under his own power and one of the Vet Techs and I hoisted him into the car for the trip to St. Francis, where we hoisted him back out and brought him in.

Not sure if Duke will get to come home - apparently they need to make sure the stomach and its various plumbing operations are working before they let him go - it might take a while!


Suefunky said…
So glad he is doing well! (And how wonderful that Dr. Stefan is so close to your house now.)

And that photo - wow. Poor guy. I am so so glad he is on the road to recovery.

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