Trying to be a Music Man

Call me crazy, but next Tuesday I will attempt to kick off my career in theater - at the age of 47.

The kids want to try out for the Rosetown Playhouse production of the Music Man. When we first learned that the auditions would include a special "Family Audition", I opened my big mouth and said, "Hey why don't we all try out!" I can't back down now.

Many of you know that both kids have been in plays and musicals. They love to perform. Up until now, my theatrical experience has been limited to driving them to rehearsals and sitting through (almost) every performance. I've always thought it looked like fun. Mind you - I was never in a real production in college or high school - but it seems like the right time to try out.

I have to come prepared to sing (unaccompanied) a song (one verse and chorus), then do a dance (in a group - look out!), and recite some lines or something. Should be interesting. I'm thinking I'll try something easy like, This Land is Your Land. The Dude and I have been joking about attempting Born to Run or Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen. M just rolls her eyes. I think she is going to sing Amazing Grace.

For the record, I don't expect to get the part of Prof. Harold Hill - I'm hoping for Towns Person #11 or somesuch role. The Hobbled Wife does not intend to try out - but knowing her love of volunteering, I suspect she could stumble into some backstage role or another.


amy said…
Good wait...break a leg!
julienj said…
That's great! I really miss being in musicals - it's a thrilling experience being on stage with a whole bunch of people singing in a big finale.

BTW, in college, some people sang really unusual choices in auditions to get over the jitters. "Snow Miser/Heat Miser" was my favorite one. I believe someone else sang "One of these things is not like the others..." but that might have been high school.

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