Happy Dog

Duke is well. He seemed to enjoy a night at home with the family – though he slept most of the evening. This morning he was somewhat perky – or what qualifies for perky when one’s just had major stomach surgery. He is back at the vet’s for another day of observation. They are starting solid food – which is good because I caught him with his nose in the garbage can twice this morning. Duke is hungry.

Looks like Petco may not post my comment. I suspect they review all comments before letting them go out on the web site. My comment probably alarmed them. It sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen. It would be nice if someone picked up the cost of the surgery, but I’m not going to ask. The way I look at it is that this is one of the risks you take with a large omnivore – especially when we have him on a "starvation" diet.

Speaking of diets, Duke weighed 96 pounds this AM. I guess that 92 reading was just dehydration talking.


crossons said…
Hmmm.. .that Petco comment thing is really irritating. What use are comments when they are reviewed and censored? Any suggestions out there? I'm not looking for $$, but geez, to not post comments. I might start posting it elsewhere...
julienj said…
I'm so glad Duke's doing okay! I've heard of websites/vendors censoring negative reviews, but I don't know how to get around it. This seems like it could totally be a lawsuit.

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