Freedom Lawn

I’m feeling smug, satisfied, because I now have a plan, and that plan has a name – the Freedom Lawn.

What is a Freedom Lawn you may ask? According to,

A freedom lawn is simply a very low maintenance way to maintain a lawn. Freedom lawns consist of various grasses, broad leaf weeds and basically anything that survives the mowing process.

A freedom lawn is an equal and opposite reaction to high maintenance, high input lawns and involves no inputs like fertilizers or weed killers.

I hit upon the idea while reading Suburban Safari: A Year on the Lawn, by Hannah Holmes. That’s where I first learned of the Freedom Lawn. Googling the phrase turns up all sorts of good stuff.

The idea gained traction with me when I considered the following:

+ Duke (and the kids) have pretty much ruined most of the back yard.

+ There are huge yellow spots of dead grass where Duke pees.

+ Using a service to spray (even the environmentally friendly ones like we used) cost money and then there is the 24 hour deal – people and pets have to stay off lawn for 24 hours after treatment – yeah, right!

So I’ve decided to give the Freedom Lawn a try. I must share this disclaimer, I forgot to cancel our lawn maintenance/spraying contract – it automatically renews – so the lawn will have one spraying this year – but no more.

I’ll start posting pictures so we can all watch as my lawn enjoys it’s new found freedom.


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