Through the Generations

Grandma decided that M's 8th birtday was a good time to pass along the "old doll". The doll was one of two that traveled from Germany some 120 years ago. An old German-American friend of the family gave the dolls to Grandma and her sister. They played with them as "regular" toy dolls when they were little girls - 1930s, and then put them away in boxes.

All that remains of Gradma's original doll is the china head, the cloth body was constructed later - sometime in the 1930s or 1940s I think, and the dress was made in the early 21st century by a friend of Grandma's who designs custom doll clothes.

M plays with it now, and keeps it stored safely away when not in use - - that means it's not part of the regular "Barbie pile" in the storage box under her bed.


amy said…
Just thinking you guys should get a nice display case or something for her to store "valuables" like this doll and other things that won't get lost under the bed!!!

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