Dressing for Yesterday

Cool weather - finally. High today predicted to be 73 !!

After dropping M off at "nature camp", S reports that, "Kids were there in shorts/t-shirt- brrrr!"

I call the phenomena "Dressing for Yesterday" - - and I find it very amazing, considering how much TV most people watch, how they miss the TV weather is beyond me. The weather report is also on the radio every 10 minutes or so, and in the paper (though no one reads those anymore). As we were leaving the house, neighbor and daughter drove by. I noticed that youngster was "dressed for yesterday" as well.

Several kids in Bones' classroom were also "dressed for yesterday". Poor kids!

I suspect that all the kids will where jeans and sweatshirts on the next hot day - dressing for yesterday.


leenoka said…
I too live in MN and I had to wear a light sweater today. What do you think it droped like 30 degrees in the last 24 hours? It was lovely sleeping with the windows open.

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