Ctrl-Alt-Del - time for a restart

Despite beautiful weather - the heat finally broke - temps around 70 for the morning commute, no/low humidity and a nice breeze - I am screwing up big-time - and it's not even time for lunch.

S at an "important meeting" this morning, so Hobbled Runner in charge of depositing both children at the various activities. Everyone slow to get out of the house - lots of outdoor activities yesterday really sapped their strength. Dude deposited at pre-school without a hitch, but on the way to M's "camp" I got lost. S had given me a short-cut - - as if I need a short cut to find a building located in the middle of St. Paul. Anyway I took the short-cut only to get all turned around in the industrial neighborhood north of University Ave - near Vandalia. (Cool aside, I found what appears to be the White Castle distribution center - Slider Central.)

After 5 or so minutes, we found ourselves back on University Ave - back where we started, so I did it "my way" and just drove down Universtiy Ave making all the lights, proceeded north on the appropriate side street, only to get lost again. Turned left rather than right just two blocks from the school building - - I could see the friggin' buses parked out front, but I just couldn't put two-and-two together.

After all that we were only 5 minutes late.

Get to work, call S to report in, only to be surprised when MY cell phone starts ringing in my sportcoat. After a little confusion, it became obvious - I was calling myself.

Only known cure - besides skipping work and going home? Treating myself to a cinnamon chip scone at the coffee shop. I think it's working.


amy said…
The big question is.......did M realize you guys were lost?

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