Thursday, July 14, 2005

I'm Walking Dammit

After being cooped up for days, avoiding highs in the 90's, I braved the weather and went for what I used to call my "regular" noon-time walk. Kind of nice actually, about 88, very sunny, slight breeze. Felt good to breath real air for a change. Summer has lots of nice smells. I observed various wild-flowers - (the ones we called weeds when I was a kid) - very sweet on such a blisteringly hot day. Lots of bees and butterflys zipping about. I love the crunchy feel the grass takes on when it gets hot for so long. Aside: the company could avoid that crunchy feeling by halting their very-regular mowing schedule when it gets this hot - - Lord knows they water enough, so green grass is not impossible, but they seem to insist on keeping the mowers busy.

PM Update - More walking - I took the short-cut over to the next building for a meeting. The short-cut involves going outside rather than through "my" building and across the skyway that connects it to it's neighboring building. Did that TWICE - got there first at 1:00, and it appeared the meeting was OFF, so I went back across the parking lot to my office, only to discover that the meeting was ON. So back I went. By now it was about 92F - and probably about 115F with the heat radiating off the parking lot. Enough fresh air. Damn meetings!

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amy said...

You should connect your company up with some prairie planting company! Then they wouldn't have to mow except once a year!