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Not one to normally food blog, but last night's grilling experience is worth a short notice.

Everytime we grill, the Hobbled wife insists we "throw" some vegetables on the grill along with the dead animal. I'm never thrilled with this since I find vegetables harder to "get right" than meat. After losing many vegetables through the grates over the years we have learned to use a very nice grilling basket, and to cut the damn things the right way to discourage escapees.

Last night we grilled the nicest cabbage, using a very simple recipe. We took one-half a cabbage and cut it into thirds. I melted about one-quarter stick of butter, mixed in some salt and pepper, than poured that over the "exposed" cabbage. The cabbage was then laid on a piece of tin-foil that I "sort of" wrapped up and over the cabbage. (We were at the end of the tin-foil roll, so it didn't completely cover the cabbage which was my intention.) Anyway - I cooked the cabbage for about 45 minutes - - it cooked in the butter and it's own moisture - beautiful!

Alas no photos - next time.


amy said…
Better watch the butter intake!!! Ha...Otherwise sounds good.

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