She Ate It!

Success - add one more item to the rather limited menu of 8 year-old M: chicken prepared on the grill. I made a little honey-lemon-juice "sauce" that I soaked it in for 30 minutes before grilling. She ate two thighs - - sorry Moose!

Next up, tuna steak, when S returns from a post-work meeting. That's been sitting in an olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, pepper and salt concoction for the last hour or so. Looks good - but fish often meets with mixed reviews: Those omega-threes are supposed to be good for you, but neither of is too fish-crazy. And me a Pisces.

Gotta run - screaming kids.


amy said…
I should post this as anonymous in order to save my relationship with S....but I've read that you need to offer kids a food item at LEAST 10 times before giving up on it for awhile (I don't think they mean 10 times in one sitting)
amy said…
Yum! You know what's even better on Salmon? A little tamari sauce and sesame seeds.

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