25 Years!

The invitation arrived in the mail the other day. I must have been one of those “hard to find” classmates, since the invite arrived late. I opened the envelope on Monday, July 18, and the RSVP said to return by July 15. The event is August 6.
I went to the reunion website and posted my bio - very short-, and I've been in a funk since. It's hard to put in a paragraph everything that's happened in the past 25 years. Somehow it seemed kind of lame. After 25 years, I feel I should have more to show for it.

I didn’t attend the 20th reunion. That was in 2000. My Dad had died in January that year, the Dude was born in April, and I was in the middle of changing jobs. Too much going on, and the thought of all those happy people reliving their youth just turned me off.

Don’t get me wrong, there are people from HS I would like to catch-up with. Not all are in my graduating class though. I see the guys from Cross-Country and Track occasionally. We range across several class years. We have a lot of fun, and really never talk about work, accomplishments, etc.

But the reunion—yuck. For some reason, after 25 years, I feel I should have more to show for it.


amy said…
Come on...you are part of the spy family! That is something to brag about!

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