What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Shana - every patient soul - tells me to calm down about the phone thing. I'll try. Still so pissed off that the dude last night had my wife in tears and M too scared to go to sleep. And to hear from the cop that the guy apologized - - Oh, that makes everything better.

Oops - I wasn't going to blog about that.

The nice thing about this weather is that it makes the traditional start of school essay (What I did on my summer vacation) so much easier to write. Instead of trying to recall all the fun things you did over 3+ months, all you have to do is recall the events of last week, and set them down in glorious detail.

So, as November begins, and the temperature hovers around 36, the rain (could be snow any minute) continues to fall, here's my report.

Summer was short and sweet. On Sunday I wore my tevas and shorts. Got real sweaty mowing the lawn and savored my single post-lawn mowing beer at the end of the day.

The end.

And not a single mosquito bite.


George said…
Seems like that jackass could apologize directly, if he truly is sorry. Pretty easy telling a cop you're sorry - can't you charge him with assault???
amy said…
I'd say you should ask Pioneer Press to pay for changing your number. Problem solved.

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