Oh Say Can't You See

Good news, bad news on the vision front. The bad news is that I now need bi-focals. To paraphrase SDMoose, "I'm not 15 anymore."

Good news is that I'm getting some very cool (and expensive) new specs. I think these are the pair. The web site is a lot more confusing that the simple glasses shop where I purchased them, Juettner Optical Inc. [No web site - yet - maybe S and her partner can create one.]


Cate Ross said…
Hey John--It's Swad's sister Amy. I'm enjoying the blog. I have had the bifocal epiphany too. Went to the eye doc, he showed me what a bifocal would do for my vision, and that was all she wrote. Seems unfair to have been nearsighted since 5th grade, and now this too.

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