Back to the Eighties

I’m not so sure about going back to the 80’s, but Lileks has no qualms:

I’m still waiting for the culture to rid itself of its tiresome reverence of the 60s and kitschy kicky indulgence of the 70s, and explore the 80s as something other than an era of legwarmers, poufy hair, shoulderpads and Dallas. It was so much more. Like Izod shirts and Members Only jackets, for example. (bada-boom!) But seriously folks. The politics, the music, the movies, the literature, the architecture, video – it was all a clean break, a new look, a strenuous refutation of the previous era, and the fault lines of the modern political and cultural divide go right back to 1984, between those who said it is morning in America and those who said yeah right. The eighties and the fifties have more in common than you suspect


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