So Long San Diego?

The Sis-in-Law and Husband are passing through on the way from San Diego to South Bend, Indiana. Better opportunities, right career move, so long sun, hello winter.

The weather has been getting me down, and now that I'm "off" Z, I'm starting to have moods again. Not always depressed moods, just moods again. Z really smoothed the moods, took away the downs, but probably also kept me slipping on the ladder when I tried to climb up to the good (dare I say great) moods. A few weeks ago and the effects of Z tapered off I was charged. I was buzzed, I had energy to burn. Now, we have the flip side of the happy coin. The weather doesn't help.

Lileks is having similar thoughts and is proposing a 5 (maybe 4) year plan. If things don't improve in that time, it's good by Minnesota, hello Arizona. I wish him luck either way.

Now that the San Diego connection has pulled up stakes, we've lost our warm weather lifeline. Sure we can still visit - lots of nice beach houses. But gone are the mocking calls in the middle of the winter - "Hah, we played frisbee in shorts today, here you guys got 8 inches of snow!" I'll miss that.

What would make me ever want to move? Would my mood be better if I lived closer to the equator? Sun is a very good thing after all.


George said…
Hey now - it's sunny in SF.

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